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IEC East Texas provides a forum for independent electrical contractors in the East Texas area to continue their education while improving their company and the electrical industry as a whole. If you are an electrical contractor ready to receive the benefits of membership in our organization, we invite you to submit an application and become a member of IEC today.

What Is An Electrician?

Electricians are highly trained, skilled tradesmen who combine basic and theoretical knowledge of operating characteristics of electrical equipment and devices to adequately and safely wire residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Without electricians, consumers would not be able to adequately use electrical energy for lighting, air conditioning, and operating electrical equipment like control systems, motors, appliances, and more. In other words, electricians power our society. For more information on electricians, their skills, duties, and how you can join this lucrative, rewarding field of employment, request an application to become a member of the IEC today.

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IEC is a professional association established to promote the highest standards in the electrical industry.

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IEC Apprenticeship training is a unique form of education that incorporates on-the-job-training and classroom instruction.

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