The Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a nonprofit trade association with educational campuses and affiliate local chapters across the USA. The Independent Electrical Contractors are dedicated to furthering the growth of the electrical industry through skilled manpower and the principles of free enterprise.

Our chapter was established in December of 1997 to serve the needs of East Texans through apprenticeship programs and continuing education. We recognized that before our establishment, electrical contractors in East Texas had to drive for hours to attend meetings and stay in good standing with the organization. Now, our members have the benefit of flexible and comprehensive packages of programs and services for the electrical construction industry in their area.

Members of the IEC of East Texas actively support the education of their apprentices, journeymen, master electricians, and those in the industry who utilize their services. Our commitment to providing a quality work force is not only reflected in our apprentice school, but also through business and management training for contractors and electrical company owners. The skills learned through our apprenticeships and continuing education courses are guaranteed to provide a lifelong career in our industry – not just short-term employment.

The IEC of East Texas is ready to provide help and support to advance your career in the electrical construction industry. For more information on our continuing education programs, apprenticeship school, and how you can become a member, contact us today.